First time Flying a CP RC Helicopter

This was my first attempt of flying a Collective Pitch RC Helicopter, as you can tell in the video it didn’t turn out the way I had wanted. The model i’m fly…


11 Responses to “First time Flying a CP RC Helicopter”

  • Bullshitkorner:

    yup the training skid? is stupid that was the last time it was used

  • Gopro1020:

    Take the stupid orange landing thing off its too heavy and messing? up the balance of it.

  • Bullshitkorner:

    very nice i have? the syma s107 which is a perfect indoor heli for the days when it’s not nice outside

  • Jorge Rodas:

    Thanks for the reply ! Ended up getting a Syma? s300g to practice on . Definitely looking forward to the Blade MCPX.

  • Bullshitkorner:

    i actually haven’t flown it since, i’m using a? Blade MCPX hell, it’s about half the size, and it’s very tough you can crash it numerous times and it keeps on ticking

  • Jorge Rodas:

    I’m thinking about? getting a heli similar to yours. Have you gotten a lot better since this video ? Looks tough . May start with a FP heli.

  • Tracy Remnant:

    training wheels? lol

  • Bullshitkorner:

    very true, someday i’ll hang of? it and be able to fly without crashing

  • Mark Smith:

    Sim doesn’t give u the real feel of a model. What it does is to? give u the feel of the sticks while flying and helps you to learn how to correct inputs or commands that you give to your transmitter.

  • William Bynum:

    Good start! I was? the same way. Although, when you’re tired of that one go with the 450 X. Much better heli, and easier than that one. Keep it up!

  • Bullshitkorner:

    i started practicing with a blade MCPX? that small heli is really good for crash situations, i find it to be the perfect trainer. I do have real flight 6 and i use it quite often it helps for some but the real thing is still harder to fly

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