Exceed RC Blazing Star Electric RC Helicopter #2

XHeli.com has this new 4-channel radio controlled rc helicopter in stock. Comes installed with aluminum and metal upgrade, easy to fly!


4 Responses to “Exceed RC Blazing Star Electric RC Helicopter #2”

  • TheLitDynamite:

    actually fly it . do some stunts? some maneuvers , hovering isnt a skill.

  • JaleelJohanson62:

    Mechanically, the Blazing Star is an excellent design. The? electronics that come with it are by far the weakest link. Most of the problems people have with them are the crappy electronics. I put an E-Flite AR6110 Rx and the 3-in-1 from the Blade CX on mine and it’s my best coaxial helicopter now.

  • Starbuckin:

    Check out my response, lolsmileyface… Is this more to your? liking?

  • lolsmileyface:

    If I was only using this video in my decision-making process to by my first RC heli, I’d have to say it hovers? and spins but that’s about it. I was hoping for a co-axial easy-to-fly RC heli that goes straight, backwards and side to side with some speed – understanding it’s a co-axial and not a conventional heli, but wanting a cx that can at least fly around my yard.

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