Esky 600 rc heli fire

Esky 600 rc heli catches fire.
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  • ivalleyonline:

    Esky 600 is a very cheap helicopter anyway and if you don’t? have a fire blanket or an extinguisher it’s not worth the risk. This heli probably was about 400-500 USD while similar size heli’s from a brands are easily between 1500-3000 USD depending on the electronics you put in it.

  • Tabasconate1:

    Look at me I let my? rc just burn to the ground. You call you self a rc hobbiest, please what a damn shame man!! Just look at the heli burn the hell up with out even one once of respect for it to even try to Attempt to put the fire out

  • dominicfhk:

    oh? no! let’s call in a RC firetruck!

  • KiraleeStrange:

    aw man id piss on it?

  • Jonathan Oxlade:

    with nitro its salvageable to? repair while electrics the esc has to finish of the helie ahahahhahahahhahhaahahhahahahahhhahahahahahahahhaaaahahhaahahaha

  • EviLNox8:

    the good news is that? you don’t have to buy a new tail rotor.

  • derskateboarder:

    why burn it??

  • TheRcTalents:

    Total loss?

  • howardboi100:

    Get a c02 2 kg extinguisher and then crash land it and spray it whenever you see smoke. That way there will be no damage to electrical components not already destroyed by fire and any salvageable parts will survive or the helicopter will be able to be repaired. The thing is you need to be careful with? RC vehicle fires as they contain LiPo batteries which explode when overheating.

  • brushlessmicrot:

    LOL I know this is a bad? idea what I would have dont but I would have pulled the LiPO out hahaand why are ther so many fires with a LiPo on helis I have only seen one fire on an RC car on here youtube

  • CoolKD2005:

    Very smart to stay clear of a LiPo? fire.. Always sad to se a heli burn.

  • mountaindewdude76:

    what happened that started the fire?? a crash? bad wiring?

  • standomax:

    u should have ran and broke off the canopy and the lipo would? have fell of as the straps prab would have melted and save some of the heli

  • Joao Tavares:

    How it is possible??? Chinese crap on fire??? LOL :P?

  • mahu44:

    Did you say that he was using 4ea. 3S packs? Bet wiring that was fun. Too bad that sux.?

  • TheDaveyht3:

    You still have to run a lipo for the RX. Ni Cad packs don’t provide enough? power for these more powerful power systems.

  • TheDaveyht3:

    It’s? a EFire 600.

  • chrismechanic B:

    thats the best thing? to do with an esky heli…burn it…

  • Tony T.:

    Sorry about that happening to your heli. Avoid, at all costs, inhaling fumes/smoke from those type fires. A similar event at our field resulted with a member? suffering severe lung damage for over three months, trying to save his model!

  • MinecraftDesigns1:

    I remember I had a BIG RC chopper and I was flying it with dad and it hit a pole? that held a street light. It started smoking and it caught fire while flying I landed it and put out the fire. Now it works :)

  • HelplessMammal:

    The last? Esky ESmart meets its fate.

  • denissjb:


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