Eric’s Blade CP Pro and 2 Months Fly Time Flew my blade pro for the 1st time on three/19/07 and flew it in this online video right now 5/10/07. Even now mastering the ropes and working towards, but getting better at it.


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  • dustinhinton:

    thats? was a beautiful flight, i cant stop playing it lol, how much was the blade cp pro if you dont mind telling me?

  • Hogwit:

    I just got one of these helis for free…I couldn’t find the battery, charger, or controller for it. Do you think its worth the money to buy those things, or should I just get a more up-to-date? 2.4 ghz, brushless motor, carbon fiber bladed helicopter?

  • happybunnies182:

    the cp pro is hard but what i did was i put a heading lock gyro on and when your flying? keep it in idle up mode it makes the heli much more stable

  • 1995rchelipilot:

    great… cool how you did the funnel? around yourself!!! exellent flying

  • neuregel:

    do the sims really help/work??

  • neuregel:

    seems to me that even when you get the hang of it, its still not fun. better to have a fixed pitch and enjoy the flight than fly a cp and be on pins and needles the? whole time.

  • magicmike1122:

    ? ok just wait for the SR

  • sandman900rr:

    don’t feel bad the blade is the worst flying heli to ever hit the market build ya an? align trex 250 and you’ll never look back!!!

  • Ken Favrow:

    Hope I’m that good in? 2 months! Fly safe.

  • JaleelJohanson62:

    I noticed that the house across the street was empty with a for sale sign. Did the neighbors get tired of you crashing into their place while you were learning? LOL

    Nice flying! You’re at the stage where it really becomes fun!!?

  • giocattolo011:

    ive been flying my blade 400 now for about 2 months, no sim time watsoever just coaxial heli’s and im basically at the same stage as u but on the bigger rc lol…. now just gotta grow balls big enough to? try a backflip or roll…. (fingers crossed)

  • HeliDragon510:

    Yes it is. It is the older version of the new E-Flight Blade CP Pro2. You can still buy parts for this and many of thr Pro2’s parts work on the CP Pro.

    Good flying man.? I just got one of these to bang on!

  • nicoticotin:

    Is? it a six channel heli? Please answer!

  • joehandsome99:

    Eflite is releasing a new micro fixed pitch heli next? month. It is about as big as the mcx, but has a tail rotor motor. That would be a good choice in moving up from the cx2.

  • analmunkey:

    excellent job i totaled mine and got it repaired so i can get some bucks out? of it haha guess im going back to the cx2

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