Eachine E119 RC Helicopter 4CH 6 Axis Gyro..Unboxing, Review and Giveaway Details

Welcome to Ready to Run RC. If you are new to the channel. I do unboxings, reviews, and then if I like the RC, I give subscribers a chance to win their very own at the end of the month. In this video, I feature the Eachine E119 4 channel RC Helicopter. I talk about everything that comes included in the box, a little bit about how things work, and then I take it out and test it. I will be testing other RC’s out in the future so stay tuned for upcoming giveaways. Thank you everyone for watching. And I hope to see you with the next Ready To Run RC!

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If you would like to support the channel by purchasing Shirts and Merch, link to my online store through Teespring is here: https://teespring.com/stores/ready-to-run-rc-merch

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We’re testing the Firefox C129 4ch Flybarless Micro RC Helicopter (RTF) around the HobbyKing office. Randomness ensues…

This palm-sized micro helicopter is packed full of features to help make it fun and relatively easy to fly. The flybarless system coupled with the 6-axis gyro stabilization unit gives it stability not seen in many helicopters of this size before. The included 2.4GHz transmitter gives you full control of the helicopter. It allows you to climb or descend, fly backward and forwards, fly left and right, and rotate left and right. You can also select whether you wish to fly Mode 1 or Mode 2, and also there is a switch to increase or decrease the amount of rudder authority.

Get the Firefox C129 4ch Flybarless Micro RC Helicopter (RTF) w/6-Axis Gyro: https://bit.ly/3nHXOgc

One of the features which will help beginners immensely is an auto take-off and landing button, a single press of the one-key button will make the helicopter take-off to an altitude of about 1.5 meters, press the same button again and it will safely land. Then there is the “Altitude Hold”, this is controlled via a barometric sensor, the helicopter will hold any height you set and will stay there when the throttle stick is set at neutral. To move to a new altitude simply move the throttle stick up or down until you reach the altitude you want, return the stick to neutral and it will stay there until you move the throttle stick again. An emergency stop function is also supplied, press, and hold the altitude button for 3 seconds and this will stop the motor instantly.

Being flybarless reduces the risk of damage to the helicopter in the event of a crash and also increases the flight time due to less drag. The included 300mAh 25C 1 cell modular battery is quick and easy to install and gives the Firefox an amazing duration of up to 15 minutes. This modular battery is charged using the supplied USB charger, this provides a fast and stable charge process. The Firefox is manufactured using high-performance components and materials which provide strength, are impact-resistant, and made to last.

• Fitted with a 6-axis gyro and flybarless system for the ultimate in stabilization
• Includes a switchable 2.4GHz Mode 1/Mode 2 transmitter
• Uses a barometric sensor for altitude hold
• Auto take-off and land function
• Flight times of up to 15 minutes
• Manufactured in crash-resistant materials
• Emergency stop function

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26 Responses to “Eachine E119 RC Helicopter 4CH 6 Axis Gyro..Unboxing, Review and Giveaway Details”

  • ryan52403:

    Do you recommend this or the Blade 70S for a first Heli?

  • John Doe:

    I started out with a cheap all plastic Syma S5. I then upgraded to Kawasaki green Syma S107Gs. They were quite a bit nicer for just a few more dollars. I then upgraded to a Blade 70S and this Eachine E119. My final chapter in this mini R/C helicopter world will be a Blade Nano S3. I enjoy the Blade 70S and Eachine 119 outdoors. The Syma S107G is still my favorite indoors. You can't use many of the features and power of the Blade 70S, Blade Nano S3 or this Eachine E119 indoors. I also feel they are more of a intermediate level helicopter than a beginner. You need to learn how to fly on a Syma S107G first before moving up to these. The Blade Nano S3 will be even harder to fly and where you should end up. Even after I progress to that I still will enjoy the others. You don't want to be on your nerves end all the time trying to maintain control. Sometimes just a nice smooth flight is what you want to be doing so you can relax.

  • Ronald Chun:

    This is a blast when flown with a XK X6 transmitter.

  • Alwin jacob:

    Were we get Amazon,filpcart ?

  • Alwin jacob:

    Bro.tell price

  • Jon Rich:

    Got this for Christmas with your recommendation! Looking forward to getting to grips with it. Would you suggest trying it indoors?

  • Technoninja8088:

    I take it this one isn’t good for small spaces indoors :)

  • Rene Philippus:

    And don't forget the Futaba S-FHSS option!!
    Just plug the receiver into the mother board, and use your own Futaba S-FHSS transmitter!!!

  • Justinross Payawal:

    The Eachine E119's battery life is much better than the WLToys V911S, the battery life of the V911S is 10 minutes, while the battery life of the E119 is 15 minutes, also the E119 is much quieter than the V911S.

  • joe powers:

    That is the coolest copter I have seen yet.

  • Erwin 55:

    Love it, i have the WLtoys 911s.
    Is this sort of the same Helicopter?


    I want this helicopter for my brother birthdaygift

  • MVX YETTI92:

    Oh no I don’t think I commented??

  • EZGameLit43:

    The best chopper

  • Trent Addison:

    I love it! Terrifying, but looks like a lot of fun.

  • Rita Rajbongshi:

    I like this helicopter because the helicopter is nice to fly

  • Diluc:

    I have loved RC Helicopters since my childhood and have never got one To be honest….
    ik my chances of winning are 1 to 117 (by comment numbers)….
    but either way, if I could just win, just this once, It make my childhood dream come true ^^ caus it's been 10 yes since I've seen an RC with my own two eyes

  • Paul Sexton:

    I have 1 and it won't hover it just wants to go up and have to hold it down Wat cud the problem be thanks

  • HobbyKing:

    On top of regular website updates, we have Back-in-Stock email alerts that will immediately alert you when your desired products are back in stock. How to set up a Back-in-Stock Alert: https://bit.ly/3cr8XNV

  • UMAR Makkuraga:

    That was awesome ??

  • RECK Adventures:

    Is it 3d capable? looks similar to the k110 which is a great 3d model.

  • Aaron Johnson:

    So, it’s an XK K110?

  • Corn Dog Shaun:

    What a terrible ad. the amount of "flying" shown here should have been 30 seconds max.
    You didn't go to a larger space, or outside, or really show any ability of the heli.
    From the controller having a centered throttle, you would assume its 3d capable,
    so either none of your employees can do 3d… or the heli can't.

    Very sad, please get some people that actually care about your products, to make these ads.

  • Saphire 67:

    Does it have left and right cyclic control ??

  • GBLynden's RC:

    I think I may be pulling the trigger on that one.

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