E-Sky Belt CP V2 – learning to fly – evening!

obtaining employed to this heli, better and much better. i can facet hover relative secure now and it is enjoyable to fly close to. i hope i can fly nose in quickly :) fingers crossed!


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  • GaryX1001:

    depends? :) i did some really good flights with her and i learned to fly. if you can fly the belt cp you can fly everything!

  • MrJohngalang17:

    Does? this heli suck?

  • Naturepheonix:

    Oh then I guess he? asked wrong then 😀

  • GaryX1001:

    what more functions are you talking about? all what changes is the headspeed and the pitchrange and why would inverted eat more power? you get the same negative pitch like positive pitch, it doesnt matter if you fly upsidedown or normal. when the headspeed is increased the heli lifts easier because more rpm with the same or less pitch. i didnt notice any difference in? flight time. hard 3D eats power yes, but the belt cp is not made for this 😉

  • Naturepheonix:

    Because it tends? to have less time when you turn it on since more functions are runing and invert compared to normal flying takes much more power.

  • GaryX1001:

    now i feel like a totally idiot 😀 i know what 3D flying is, i just started to jump inverted but i still dont know? what he is talking about with “did you notice the flying time when turning the 3D switch” :)

  • Naturepheonix:

    3D helicopter? flying he means, check it out on youtube :) It’s more aerobatic. Most known for flying upside down and sideways.

  • GaryX1001:

    i really dont know what you want to know? now.

  • GaryX1001:

    with my 2200mah? battery i fly ~9min

  • foxtraner:

    how long it can? last in the air

  • GaryX1001:

    check out my channel here, later vids, i? recommend “e-sky belt cp v2 – getting better” 😉

  • badgolf1:

    cooo000l video..nice? sunset…you have gotten alot better

  • stormranger6:


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