DOUBLE HORSE VOLITATION 9053,BATTERY 2200 Mah,rc helicopter

DOUBLE HORSE VOLITATION 9053,BATTERY 2200 Mah,rc helicopter

this helicopter flying with ORIGINAL battery around 5 min!!!

flying 30 to 45 min!:))
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15 Responses to “DOUBLE HORSE VOLITATION 9053,BATTERY 2200 Mah,rc helicopter”

  • Kábi?:

    what is the name the battery exactly?
    thank you

  • AceGod7:

    use a phone battery or a one of those smart phone emergency battery charger

  • James Bond:

    Can the heli run on 3 cell?

  • toddy2519:

    Kenny…as long as the voltage remains the same there is not a problem…as long as you stay within a reasonable amperage range. Doubling up from the original is fine and will NOT fry anything because the motors will pull only what they need. As far as battery fit is concerned…you make it fit and balance the aircraft with extra weight if you can't do it with the battery by itself.

  • azzy9998:

    hes not upgrading the voltage just the milliampere-hour basically making it so the charge lasts longer resulting in longer flight time

  • Kenny Smith:

    listen people upgrading the battery on any helicopter is not a good ideal, theres different volts, different cells, people post these videos with no info on how to do this, the new battery will not fit as easy as they say they will,, you have to get different chargers ect ect, but most important the new battery will fry your motor, make your board smoke, and give your heli uncontrollable speed, which will cause you to slam it into a wall, tree, but it will fly only a short periord till it frys.

  • IkesInk30:

    will a 11.1v lipo battery be ok to use on this helicopter?

  • claudio scirocco:

    where i can buy this new battery and what is its name and how much it?? please tell me

  • Larryshaw48: has the battery's

  • chitoschumi:

    What is the brand name of that battery? it's hard to find it on ebay…

  • lucas menezes ferreira:

    que tem o volitation 9053 nao faça isso e uma armadilha coloquei uma bateria de 1800mah no meu queimou os dois moto e a placa imagine esa ai de 2200

  • Praveen Roy:

    thus video helps alot..
    but, u didn't mention anything about the charger…
    Does the the stock charger suits this battery…?

  • steamtraintom:

    what was the name of the seller?

  • Adi GupteZz:

    thanx but its a bit late i asked that 5 months ago anyway thanx

  • Timothy Daschel:

    I would go with the 25c 2200 mah battery and yes the original charge box works good with it.

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