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Enchanted Pools-Gopro Hd hero- with Rc Helicopter t-rex 450

Hike in rc heli to some majestic water features in desolation wilderness by the rubicon trail and tahoe. Its actually closer to wrights lake if you know wher…
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i do the visual check before every hover . never try and fly in winds above 15 mph .
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How to mount Gopro HD camera on Align T-Rex 450 RC helicopter – Tutorial

Ok, here’s some much more online video on 720p setting. I have ultimately realised it really is not really worth trying capturing with 1080p setting on 450 dimension helicopter. 720p environment is very constant with photo quality and not acquiring ‘jello’ (wobble impact) irrespective rotor rpm. Here’ are few footages. www.youtube.com www.youtube.com A lot more comprehensive description and photos, you should go to the adhering to page. www.fb.com I’ve tried a hanging kind mount (free hanging with 2 axis), but it failed to work. The picture quality was catastrophic and made a decision to remain with this mounting technique. I believe this is very reasonable in phrases of price and quality. The only point you want is the one particular piece GoPro mounting from ‘roll bar’ mount which costs about £15. If you have any query, be sure to will not hesitate. Content flying :) ————————————————————- Sorry for the delay.men. I’ve managed to get some test video clips as promised :) www.youtube.com www.youtube.com ————————————————————————————– Okay, I have manufactured a rapid tutorial for safe mounting for gopro cam on T-Rex 450 Sport. Simply because I have been working all working day for bottom plate modification and examination flights at the back garden, I failed to get opportunity to go to the park and make examination flight video, but I assure I will do that very shortly. But I failed to see any jello-impact (on 1080p 30fps location) like I sometimes see on the preceding plastic base plate edition, and I feel this is as close as I
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How not to fly a RC heli – T-rex 450 Crash

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BlueRay 450 PE 3D Brushless RC Helicopter Product Tour

Verify out the Blueray 450 Here: www.xheli.com The BlueRay 450PE a completely loaded edition 2.4GHz Top quality Version CCPM 3D RC helicopter, a hundred% constructed, All set-to-Fly! Light and quick, this new machine from Exceed RC has everything you at any time desired. The BlueRay 450 Premium Edition Helicopter is an innovative rc helicopter made with the most current existing engineering obtainable and developed with the highest top quality CNC machining. Whilst most areas are appropriate with the world’s most common 450 size electrical helicopter these as the T-REX450, the BlueRay450 PE is designed with the best attributes available whilst getting rid of all the weak factors from the existing T-REX SE. All the hardware is higher A-Grade with all hex screws provided and higher good quality Germany-imported bearings. for the newest updates and a chance to win awesome things, verify out facebook.com
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Cheapest Trex 450 helicopter build / setup #8

www.mikeysrc.com This video covers programing fundamental settings into the two.4Ghz transmitter. Showing which channel to plug every single servo and ESC wire into on the receiver. And how to save a transmitter configuration file to you pc. e-mail [email protected] if you have any queries.

www.facebook.com/alanszabojrfans Align Trex 450 Pro Align Prototype outrunner motor Align 410M Cyclic Servos Prototype tail servo Thunder Power 2250 3S Battery Spektrum AR6100 receiver


Dan Smith Maidens T-Rex 600 SE RC Helicopter – Saturday September 19th 2009

Here we see our friend Dan Smith maiden his T-Rex 600 SE Electric Helicopter. This helicopter used to be mine.

Bert Kammerer putting some smack down at Blacksheep 2008. Awesome low piro flips and tick tocks on the deck, flipping loops, and more.
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T-Rex 700E with ThunderPower 45C!

Bert Kammerer flying T-Rex 700 Ray Nemovi’s electric conversion with Kontronik Power Jazz ESC, Neu 1915 1.5y and ThunderPower 45C 5000 Mah packs.


Perfect TREX 500 RC Helicopter Rugged Travel Case a N3M1S1S Mod for £16 ARMADILLIO

perfect Rugged Travel Case for your align trex 500 😀 also have a bag ready to be modded if anyone wants to buy it off me t-rex 500 case caddy flight box Perfect TREX 500 RC Helicopter Case mod modded AR7000 DX6i HITEC HS-5245MG (cyclic) ALIGN RCE-600 GYRO ALIGN DS520 CORELESS (tail) ALIGN 6S1P 2600 12T pinion N3M1S1S ALIGN T-REX 500 TREX more case info www.golf-equipment-suppliers.co.uk
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Robert’s T-Rex 450 RC Helicopter

www.aroundtuitvideos.com This is a short video of my friend Robert and his T-Rex 450 RC helicopter. We had some fun at the flying field today and wanted to share. Enjoy the video. Eric
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Trex 600 ESP Fun-Key/Century Hughes500 Lightning-Heli 5 Blade Head with HDX 600mm FRP


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