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MJX F46 RC Helicopter Flybar Mod to Stabilize High Speed Flight.

So out of the box my MJX F46 had an odd problem where at high speed it would lose control almost completely. On closer inspection it looked like the flybar w…
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Exclusive New Walkera 180Z Auto Stabilizing Helicopter

Update Now Available : http://www.xheli.com/walkeraheli-cb180z-rtf.html.
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AMZAING RC HELICOPTER WITH Digicam SanHuan Copter 6030 C7 The camera is Constructed-IN three Channels GYROSCOPE STABILIZATION Technique . IF ALSO Want TO Take pleasure in THIS Superb HELICOPTER YOU CAN Attempt IT OUT AT : cgi.ebay.com
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Syma S107-G RC helicopter overview & flight

The Syma S107-G micro indoor RC heli, reviewed at RCMania.com
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This has obtained to be the world’s most affordable and easiest gyro-stabilized camera mount. I utilized a heading-hold gyro designed for RC helicopters and put it on a tilting aluminum camera mount I manufactured. Complete expense less than . Created for aerial photography/mapping from a UAV, exactly where it’s important to get a straight-down impression. More details at www.diydrones.com
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Protocol Falcon Jet RC Helicopter Unboxing

VISIT THE NEW SITE unboxtherapy.com I just finished unboxing the Protocol Falcon Jet RC Helicopter. This is an inexpensive RC chopper from Best Buy. It retails for .99 but can be found on sale fairly often for .99. This chopper has some cool features, like the ability to charge via the controller. Flight proved slighty more difficult than expected (I suppose I’ve got to give myself more time to become comfortable it). Here are more details on the device – Protocol RC Helicopter Falcon Jet With an omni-directional 3 channel remote control and auto-stabilizing rotors, the Protocol RC Helicopter Falcon Jet with Gyro provides pinpoint accuracy and responsiveness for precise flight. It features flashing multi-coloured LED lights for a completely authentic experience. Features Omni-directional 3-channel remote control. Gyro action to stabilize turns. High accuracy and responsiveness. Recharges via controller or via USB. Bright, flashing multi-coloured LED light.


First 5Dmk2 Aerial Test on RC helicopter

We strapped the new 5Dmk2 onto our electric helicopter to see how the footage appears. Quite awesome opportunities to use fisheye and ultra vast lenses for some extraordinary never ever before observed aerial footage.
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Draganflyer SAVS RC Helicopter Aerial Video – Golf Course

www.rctoys.com Golf course aerial videography. Beautiful aerial video captured by the Draganflyer SAVS Stabilized Aerial Video Method Electric RC Helicopter by Draganfly Innovations Inc. See much more info about the Draganflyer SAVS heli and watch our full video clip library at www.rctoys.com
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T-Rex 450 CAM – View from Horizontal Stabilizer

T-Rex 450 on-board video taken from the horizontal stabilizer with FlyCamOne2. Taken in Sonora California. Now on my 6th month flying helis.
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DJI-Tibet_cross_the_lake/ aerial photography, autopilot,rc helicopter

High ground testing in Tibet. Equipped with DJI Ace One.



Dynamic Stabilizers (simply put) direct the down flow of the air from the main rotor in such a way as to make the heli fly faster in forward or reverse flight, inverted or not. They really smooth out the flying and even make it go quite a bit faster in forward flight. I was skeptical at first, but Xraptor10 has a patent pending on these stabilizers for RC helicopters. ( www.youtube.com ) It could change the entire heli scene, as I see it. Second, I had an in-flight GYRO failure. One side was not returning fast enough, so I completely eliminated the gyro and plugged the Tail rotor servo directly into the receiver to check it to make sure the servo wasnt the problem. In fact, it is a failed gyro. But still wanting to take advantage of the low winds (8-12 MPH) today, I flew it without the gyro. I wonder how I ever did it with out it in the pioneering days, cause the tail is so much more sensitive. I reduced the tail rotor throw, and was able to fly the dynamic stabilizers anyway for a second flight. I am impressed. Thanks Xraptor 10. Im sure this is a winner. I put my approval stamp on it. E Flite Blade 400 is from Horizon Hobbies. www.horizonhobby.com Thanks for watching. Dave Herbert
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