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Born for FPV 2, RC 3D Helicopter Onboard Camera Heli Low Fast High Speed Flying Fly Inverted 450 FPV

14th, 15th and 16th FPV helicopter flight Stay video feed, video from onboard camera will get transmitted in genuine time to the video goggles. FPV= abbreviation for “1st Particular person View” Setup: Normal Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 Aluminum rotor head Aluminum washout base Kontronik Jazz 40-06-eighteen ESC Hacker A20-6XL motor without having cooling fan (damaged at a crash) Thunder Power 11,1V 3s 20C 2600mAh LiPo battery (weighs only 188 g!) or RockAmp 11,1V 3s 2200mAh 30C (193g, but quite potent!!!) 3x Thunder Tiger C1016 swash plate servos 1x Futaba S3114 tail servo Robbe- Futaba GY-240 gyro BBT Maniac 321 CFK blades, 2nd choice Align Tail Rotor Blades for T-Rex 450 (plastic) Reinforced tail rotor pushrod, with two one,3mm CFK rods Graupner- JR MX-16S, 40 Mhz transmitter Graupner – JR SMC-19 DS receiver with 1,75m antenna (Lamda/4) Approx. 2600 rpm headspeed +- 7° blade pitch FPV Setup: one,three GHz 400 mW video transmitter and receiver from BEVRC (www.bevrc.com) with stock 3 dBi antenna (upper plastic casing eliminated, should be far better for 1280MHz) on RX and modest Lawmate three dBi antenna on TX Video receiver driven with 11,1V LiPo battery one,two or 1,three GHz transmitters are legal in Austria with Radio (Ham) License among 1240 and 1300 MHz up to 200W I am utilizing channel 9 (1280 MHz) WDR700 (= KPC-DNR700PHB) PAL camera (Sony Super HADII CCD), factory (= default) settings, I’ve experimented with other settings but default is the very best in my view Extra fat Shark RCV922 Aviator Edition video goggles Microphone Bodyweight FPV
Video Rating: four / five


The Ultimate RC heli 3d flight demonstration

The camera man zooms a little to close in the begining but he learns his lesson quickly as he can’t carry up with the pilot for to longitudinal. After which he corrects.


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