Building an EXI 450 Pro RC Helicopter Part Three

Here is Part Three of videos were doing on how to build your EXI 450 Pro from the minute you receive it. – EXI 450 All the part…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Using a RC Helicopter Camera or a Remote Controlled Helicopter Camera in this video of remote controlled flying it shows the he…


24 Responses to “Building an EXI 450 Pro RC Helicopter Part Three”

  • XxtekiexX:

    i would reccomend getting a better esc? had an exceed one and it started on fire lol

  • jumpystar001:

    Does this video also work for EXI 500 Carbon Edition RC Helicopter Kit? and also all the parts? that are used on this video can i used it on my EXI 500

  • Taylor Pearcy:

    Why would you not put the pinion on? the motor before you install it?

  • daniel140260:

    Excellent video Tony, thanks. I am now building a 450 pro!?

  • docskyhook2:

    Kill the damn drum? in the background — What’s that all about?? — I want to know how to build the Heli not play a drum. Kill the drum and everything will be thumbs up.

  • turki5000:

    How can I mount up? the ESC?

  • Martin Phillips:

    Excellent? thanks–
    Are you able to mention the pricing of different motors?


    i bought one
    and it crashed but now the cover of the heli was broken? so its unstabile
    anyone help me?

  • antonio lopez:

    well there is a video of my flying my? 550E that we made check it out at hobbypartz :)

  • JollySwagman2006:

    Another Great Video? Tony, Building a 450GT Full alloy myself at the moment too!

  • bassax7045:

    would like? to see you fly the t-rex 600 some time ,,exi killer 😉

  • 209cynical:

    looking forward to these video instructions,? very helpful for this NEWB.

  • antonio lopez:

    thxx man stay tuned for the following ones

  • bassax7045:

    ok ,wish you well ,,its just that there are many ex x-heli workers are having their own channel on you tube these days ,,like the clear way you explain these building videos ,,doing a good job? man

  • antonio lopez:

    im sure i will be here :). and nothing is gng on? that i know of haha they just found new opportunities thats all

  • Metaxas360:

    great video series !? thanks !

  • symawd:

    Loctite? on plastic DOES do something. It eats away at it. If it makes anyone feel more comfortable it is OK to use a drop of CA glue, but nothing is actually needed when going into plastic.

  • GrubFlyer:

    You should probably use loctite, or at least tell users to do so, because this is going to misguide? new flyers.

  • Kim Jong Hoon:

    nice video.good work?

  • jauchiu:

    Nice build video. EXI helicopters are the? best value I have found.

  • Rodrigo Vieira Feichas Martins:

    What? brand and model of the rc helicopter? Thanks!

  • Techieferret:

    I agree that it’s highly useful, but the first part of the video is showing it used to spy on girls. It’s different if the people know they’re being filmed. (I’m sure those girls are actresses) But the implication that it can be used to spy on? the neighbor girls in bikinis is why lawmakers want to outlaw it.

  • Charlie Pryor:

    1) This is far from stupid crap, and the tech behind this saves filmmakers millions per year in productions? costs.

    2) Don’t blame innovation for political swing… blame politicians and special interest groups.

  • Techieferret:

    It’s also stupid crap like this that’s causing lawmakers to try to make new? laws against the use of “surveillance drones”. (Helis or planes with cameras mounted on them.)

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