BLADE 400 3D first outside flight learning to fly

See my second flight This is about my 5th time flying and first time outside with a little wind. Flew cx2 for a month before this. Appreciate any suggestions. I love flying these even though I just started. Music by tom petty “Learning to fly”.
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  • triplejayvideos:

    ha thats? funny

  • frankovich213:

    LOL you did better than me then, my first flight lasted about 4 seconds and I smashed the rotors to bits and bent the flybar. I am a little disillusioned at this point. I thought I was an expert cause I could fly the mSR really well. I think I better? spring for that training gear after all.

  • CrazyHeliDude:

    What kind of cam are? you using? Good angle, good shooting. Keep up the good work! 5 stars

  • djnelsonmaxmix:

    hey nise keep? practising 1 up and donw 2 left rignt 3 try keep it in one place try not to get out that circel 3 back and farwer

  • popcornreviews:

    yes, you need training gear, once you have flown it, you trim it out, i? take it this is your first heli?
    you should of started with a coaxial heli first!

  • Merzdaman:

    this is what you going to learn to hover it :) its normal for drifting a side besides trim needed, no heli fly? up normaly after 4 channel i guess ? 😉

  • gifman1965:

    The thing scares? me.
    I just got the cx3 AWSOME the head locking gyro is awsome.

  • Jabbakahut:

    My first flight it seemed to rutter pretty hard by itself, only got a few feet? of the deck before it slammed it’s side back into the ground. 20$ later and I’m ready to try again, any first flight recommendations?

  • Jabbakahut:

    Well, there is a big difference, one is coaxial! My BLade 400 is waiting re-assembly after my frist flight that lasted all of 7 seconds. I hope it doesn’t take too many more rebuilds before I can fly for the full discharge of the? battery. I can’t even imagine getting to the 3D aspects of it.

  • charlieechovictor:

    totaly normal… hope you improved your flying skills? up to now :)

  • bigshotbobb:

    crazy stuff?

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