BIG Turbine RC Helicopter Bell 212 Fire Rescue

BIG Turbine RC Helicopter Bell 212 Fire Rescue San Diego Fire Department Bell 212 Twin Two-Twelve N800DM Exhibition with strong wind. Trophy “Len Mount” Scal…

Der größte Modell-Hubschrauber der Welt! / ???????? / el más grande del rc helicóptero / ????? ??????? ?????? ? ???? ???????? This new version of his Cobra f…
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26 Responses to “BIG Turbine RC Helicopter Bell 212 Fire Rescue”

  • motokid032:

    Yes, yes? yes!!!!

  • sea chase:

    that’s the biggest RC model helicopter i’ve ever seen. And it actually has a jet turbine? for an engine. impressive! how much does something like that cost? how long does it take to put it together?

  • ATFjeffers:

    love the little glow sticks!!!?

  • domanpitts:

    Does china have a bigger heli? And? are they difficult to learn to fly?

  • boostfreak777:

    Now all it? needs are “functioning” rocket tubes 😀 Excellent work!

  • Jorge Romero:

    Nice heli….!, which is the average price?, is it cheaper building a heli that size by oneself or? is it very dificult?

  • RCSchim:

    Ja, soweit ich weiß musste der? Eigentümer dieses Ungetüm von der Flugsicherheit testen lassen und auch anmelden (normalerweise ab 25kg – die aktuelle Cobra hat 37kg)

  • Käse Kuchen:

    Braucht man für ein? so großen und schweren Heli eigentlich eine extra Zulassung ?

  • gorgeousdzastr:

    What is the? model motor you are using, and where did you get it? That’s a beautiful machine.


  • Ridgeredge:

    Schon ein wirklich schönes Stück Arbeit. Allerdings ist mir (wie bei so ziemlich jedem Modellheli) das Geräusch der Turbine zu laut im Vergleich zum Geräusch? der Rotorblätter.
    Aber gut, das ist, denke ich, der Größe geschuldet.
    Doch wie gesagt, ein wirklich schönes Stück Arbeit.
    Rein Interessehalber: Mit welchen Kosten müsste man rechnen, wollte man ein solches Modell sein eigen nennen können?

  • RCSchim:

    thanks I’ll pass that to? the proud owner.
    Regarding the big chines heli: you you have a link for me – I’d like to see it / compare specs…

  • Allen Richelle:

    You guys are gonna have to build one Bigger if you really want the Title,,,””Worlds Biggest”” Cos i seen one bigger in china, but this is the most awesome looking one? by far

  • RCSchim:

    hard to find these ready to fly 😉
    you have to make a contract with some professional RC building companies. I only know that there are some in germany. if you’re really interested I can give? you contact to the builder. but going that large requires a lot of time and money… better start with something smaller and practise really hard!

  • noobielplays:

    I? just thought about battlefield 3 all the time 😀

  • Angel Perez:

    Yes were can it get one and how much? Becuase I have look and can’t? find who sell them.

  • helir00:

    Lovely chopper – evil sound of the blade chop with the turbine over blasting. Nice landing and smooth flying nice vid, I just hope my four turn out as good looking as this quality, again? top job 😉

  • RCSchim:

    In general: the smaller a RC heli is – the less stable it flies. So this huge thing should be extremly easy to fly 😉
    On the other hand if you crash a small heli you loose only a few bucks – so if fear flies with you it? would equal out…
    Try one of the many RC Sims on PC and find out the difference – bigger helis are easier there…

  • Freddie Brissette:

    is this one easy to fly or? hard ?

  • David Xiaoping Xu:


  • NutsNBolts24:

    That RC is the? coolest!

  • RCSchim:

    did you miss the other 3 vids? if so just look the description bar and follow the? link to the playlist.

  • jamessonger3:

    I would absolutely love to see a video of this heli up close exploring all? the components and the guts of the heli. #badass!

  • RCHeliJet:

    Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual 😀 nee spass verstehst deine Sache? Gut..!!!

  • RCSchim:

    danke für’s verlinken. muß mir auch Deine videos durchschaun, aber mom bin ich grad beim schneiden meines nächsten… hab schon wieder viel material – da fällts schwer zu entscheiden was “gesendet” wird…?

  • RCHeliJet:

    Super genialer turbinen Helicopter wow..!! Wir hatten ander Hausen a.A Flug Show vor ein Paar Wochen den JetRanger Turbine Helicoper von Hugo.M see my Video have fun? see you Pilot und schau mal bei mir auf dem Kanal habe dich noch rein gedrückt bei top Subscriber von Mir 😉 bist jetzt Verlinkt :-)

  • GLAS63:

    Awesome Helicopter…Beautiful flight… I love the whistle of the turbine and the clap of the main rotor…? And a very nice touch in the end with the moving pilot and co-pilot… Again… AWESOME!!

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