best rc helicopter for beginner blade mcpx beginner pilot jeff 1 week nose in hover mastered

after just 6 days jeff is doing really well please like this video.


18 Responses to “best rc helicopter for beginner blade mcpx beginner pilot jeff 1 week nose in hover mastered”

  • wcwicked clown:

    thanks? for watching my friend

  • mypitbull82 .:

    brilliant? job mate

  • trexinvert:

    I have a? rule. Never take-off nose-in!!! Why? Because there is only “one-way” you can move that is collision course into yourself!!! Try leaning backwards? Boom. Tail catches grass. Okay, so you can pop up or turn quickly. What if you just want to lift off slowly to check cyclic or rudder response? While you staring at it, boom it hits you. Right?

  • Gian Volante:

    Great video and commentary.I’m a beginner and looking to get McpX.
    ? The Guy flying is GREAT for a beginner! Well done mate!

  • wcwicked clown:

    maybe? now the mcpx is old

  • Lucas Codorniu:

    Honestly the walkera mini cp is 10? times better and cheaper and easier to fly

  • wcwicked clown:

    he just had a? new baby


    how jeff doing?

  • GoGupGo:

    Great Video wcwicked looks like you got a lot of heli over there on the ground. The mcpx is a great little heli I love? flying mine love it so much I don’t fly my 450 much. Your friend pick up on this pretty fast for being a noob. He is going to be a good pilot he got nose in that for sure.

  • MyOnehand:

    well done cheers to the new pilot great flight nicely? done !!!!

  • wcwicked clown:

    excellent advice we will be over tomorrow he may hover his 450 for the first time without training balls i think he almost has the confidence he trust our advice.
    he is a good dude served? 2 terms in Iraq he is just coming home.

  • choochinkaddywompus:

    great flight?

  • J0NB81:

    Just a? tip since he can hover nose in have him go to tail side then finally tail in. None the less he is doing good.

  • helidayz:

    I? have to agree myself .
    WC is a good instructor…..

  • helidayz:

    Hey jeff are doing Great………
    i can? wait to see you on your 450’s

  • wcwicked clown:

    my higher up asked me to tell you to keep practicing nose in then tail in will be like nothing but practice tail? in when you can

  • Jeff Barnum:

    @satgod Thanks? bro! Just as @avaisafe1 said, I got a good instructor :)

  • busa916:

    I would have to agree. I? love my mcpx. It’s how I first did forward flight.

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