Best Budget Lipo Batteries!

Do not buy those bullshit expensive lipos. There are some very inexpensive good quality lipos out there.

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20 Responses to “Best Budget Lipo Batteries!”

  • Heavy Metal RC:

    I have since changed all my connectors to ic5.

  • uBreakIt iRepairIt:

    Wish you would have reviewed the charger a bit more. Can it charge two 3S batteries at the same time? What’s the max amp charge output?

  • B Kamari:

    No nonsense bullshit! Fucken love it!

  • Mr LUPZZ:

    Giveaway ?

  • Lukas 7:

    Guys. Buy the EC5s. I even melted deans on 2s

  • savethequeen78:

    Have some Zee's they are dam good. Just picked up Socokin, hopin they are as good or better.

  • Kevon RC guy:

    Am deans guy too Deontay and Strip Gear talk about me and my deans

  • Double Clutch Productions:

    I swooped a bunch of those Zeee batteries and they are fantastic for the price…

  • MrRandy 100:

    You got my sub, dude you’re hilarious! Love the realness too

  • Jack Forster:

    I couldn’t decide what batteries I should buy for my new (to me) e-revo 2.0. I ordered 2 5500mah 3s zeee batteries half way through the video. Thanks for being straight forward and giving your honest opinion! Rock on

  • Josh Chatwin:

    Just brought me two 3s lipo not hard case thi

  • SixStar 206:

    Yo I recommend the ISDT Q6 Nano charger all the time, its like 30 bucks, get yourself a switching 24v 15a power supply off Amazon for 18 bucks, you can run 2 Q6 Nanos off it. They charge up to 200w which is perfect if you use a parallel board like you showed. Also great for high-capacity 6S packs. Can charge 6S up to 8 amps. I'm very happy with my charging setup. I have one of the B6 knockoff chargers and the 2x Q6 Nano setup and it is awesome. Ive been thinking about building a bigger power supply from server PSU's and running a pair of Q8s with my Q6 Nanos.

  • JostlingJoe:

    Nice video! Thanks for telling it like it is.

  • traxxi2003:

    Would you use this brand of batteries on an 700 size RC heli? Two 6S fir a 12s setup?


    Zee Nimh. Awesome also.

  • Milfmilker6534:

    Ovonic is also really good

  • Lane Waite:

    I do need some new batteries. Mostly for the Super Rock Rey and the 3XLE. The 3XLE has a pretty small battery tray for a 1/8th scale. Always comes down to batteries it seems. I currently have 1 or two sets for all my RCs. Usually bring like 5 with me when I run them so I haven't really needed more as I'll run one till it breaks or batteries discharge then I'll grab my next one. My 5ive T will run for 3 hours one one little 2s lipo so typically could care less about run times on the others. There is times though when I have only brought an electric and run out of batteries. I currently have 3 ammo cases filled. To date, I've only had one die (just one cell though) and that was a Power hobby. I won't be getting Power Hobby again as my buddy had two of his die as well.

  • Mike Disher:

    I love D farts and course the swearing great vid keep it up bro staying real ??

  • RcWithVlad:

    Lol Kevin tolber
    Correction = Kevin talbot

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