Basics of Heli Flight – Basic Aerobatics

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  • Assasin:

    How to landing?

  • Parabuteo:

    These videos are really helpful. I've just gotten into flying a cp micro and have a simulator cable on the way so hopefully I'll be doung some of these for real in a couple of months!

  • Gary Vale:

    is it possible to do a loop with my 200S FP heli?

  • Scott Taulker:

    Just amazing!!!

  • steve sparrow:

    Hey Steve, you don't fly like an Old lady. lol Nice video. this is a great idea.

  • Gustavo Sganzerla:

    I expected a more professional-looking film considering that Blade has a marketing department and a marketing director. I strongly suggest that Blade's marketing department have a look at the HobbyKing Live youtube channel to see what professional-grade youtube rc content can look like. I did, however, really enjoy seeing the 230 fly. A nice collective pitch heli with auto-level, a simple and decent motor-driven tail rotor and at a good price point was long overdue. I am a big fan of Blade and have owned several of your products over the years. Please try to Improve the quality of your youtube videos, I want to see them up to the level of your mostly excellent products. Best regards from Brasilia, Brazil.

  • ShermanMR2:

    This is a great series.

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