$18 Cheerson CX-10 mini quadcopter unboxing and overview

Learn to fly on a cheap mini quadcopter before taking a chance on a thousand dollar quadcopter. I cover unboxing, using replacement propellers, charging tips, flight controls, sensitivity adjustment, recalibration. http://amzn.to/1WV0rsM

Get the one that’s -18 and make sure it is fulfilled by Amazon otherwise it will take FOREVER to arrive from China/Hong Kong/etc. Seriously, I bought one from China and I was pulling my hair out by the time it arrived. Think 15+ work days coming SLOWLY on a ship! ARGH!

Coolplay 40pcs Blades, they’re super cheap but required you to modify them like I did with a thumbtack.

Panavise Jr., very handy for everything. I had one laying around so I used it. You can use any sort of vice clamp as well.

Tenergy Li-Ion/NiMh/NiCd balance charger. This is the one I use to charge the battery to prolong the life of the battery. I made an adapter to fit the port but it’s not shown in this video.

Cx-10 case. I’m not recommending to buy this but might be good for some people that wants everything very neat.


3 Responses to “$18 Cheerson CX-10 mini quadcopter unboxing and overview”

  • AndroTheGamer:

    Is the charger fixed in the cox-10A???

  • PhantomBreeder:

    If this charger cable isn't any good what one do you get for it?

  • Shawn w. (D.j. underground):

    I know this is off the subject but can you please talk about secured credit cards. is it true you should only spend 30%. if your card is $500 should I spend only $150 and every month pay back $145 and keep a $5.00 balance owed? and keep rolling the 5 over every month??

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