Worlds Smallest RC Helicopter – Syma S6 Mini Under $30

Links to reviews on similar nano quadcopters-
Links to similar nano quadcopters:
CX-10WD FPV nano –
Even smaller, the CX-Stars –
CX-10A –
Syma X12 –
More Pictures:
On of the best mini rc helicopters out there is the SYMA S6 Mini 3. It’s surprisingly fast for a mini dual rotor helicopter. You will need to be light on the controls inside because of its quick take off! If you’re too quick with the controls you’ll slam into the ceiling or if you’re outside it can easily fly up onto the roof. Flight time was a little over 5 minutes which is impressive! You can even fly the Syma S6 outside if there is no wind and no direct sun!
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Airwolf .50 Size RC Nitro Helicopter

Airwolf .50 Size RC Nitro Helicopter.
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New Walkera 200SD3 Airwolf 4ch RC Helicopter Product Tour

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Mega Hercules 3-Foot 3.5CH Gyro RC Helicopter – Review

Don’t miss the end. That’s the best part!

I got this helicopter on QuiBids and was asked to post my review of it. I know it’s a bit lengthy because of the details but I really appreciate you taking the time to watch. That means a lot to me since it did take some time to film and edit. Enjoy!

Today we are looking at the Hisky Heli, it’s fast and furious!

Here are the links to all the parts from BangGood.

Hisky HCP100S Flybarless RC Helicopter :
Hisky HCP100S RC Helicopter Parts Tail Blades :
Hisky HCP100S RC Helicopter Parts Landing Skid :
Hisky HCP100S RC Helicopter Parts ESC with Receiver Board :

Best GoPro Alternative — (8% coupon: 8DVRBG)

Special Thanks to Kevin at for all your help and assistance!
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RC Helicopter Flight simulator level 3

RC Helicopter Flight simulator level 3

RC Helicopter Flight simulator game walkthrough
RC Helicopter Flight simulator level 3 walkthrough
new android game
new games
new Iphone game
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Phoenix R/C 5 First impressions – GamerMuscle Simulation

Its time to jump in and play Phoenix RC , this RC simulator is supposedly “The professional Radio Control Flight Simulator” and from what people say on the internet its meant to be one of the best.

In this video we load it up take a look and see what you get in the box, this is very much a first impression and as will be immediately apparent I have some way to go in RC flight skills.

For some strange reason they don’t sell phoenix on their own website and you can only buy the game/sim from obscure places but if you want to read up on the sim check out the website and if you want to buy it check out Ebay or your local model shop, but be warned its not cheep !

The version we picked up is the one with the DX5E included which costs between £60-£300 And you thought sim-racing cost the earth !

Non the less its fantastic fun and if you were going to spent 100-4k on a real RC chopper then I’m sure you would want to spend some time on a sim first !

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RC Helicopter Airwolf navigation lights

Heliartist 450 size fuselage with Esky cp belt project
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TAREQ ALSAADI in Thailand Heli Blowout 2012 – Outrage VELOCITY 90

TAREQ ALSAADI in Thailand Heli Blowout 2012 - Outrage VELOCITY 90

what a great flight from Tareq Al Saadi from UAE flying his VELOCITY 90 in TAHILAND HELI BLOWOUT 2012, Dont miss the blades touch in 4:40… :-) crazy pilot

setup: YS engine, Hatori Muffler, Multi Governemr, SAB main and Tail blades, Rapicon Fuel. Spartan Quark Gyro.

Abdulla Jasem flying his Outrage VELOCITY 90, EDGE blades, OS engine, DX7 Spektrum with Stick Movements and doing some CRACK 3d moves.


Best Budget RC Heli: WLtoys V911 4 Channel RC Helicopter Review – Close Up

Best place to buy one: or


Esky Honey bee CP3 RC Helicopter

Unpacking my new Esky Honeybee CP3 RC Helicopter. My First RC Heli
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3 Girls = RC Helicopter Carnage – Syma F3

Well my daughters are back again, but this time with RC helicopter. The Syma F3 4 channel fixed pitch helicopter. Very fun and easy to fly helicopters. Let the carnage begin!!

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We took the smallest RC helicopter in the world the Silverlit Nano Falcon over to Sky helicopters in Garland Texas and actually flew it inside a real full sized helicopter.

It handled itself rather well.

The nano falcon is a 3 channel infrared controlled helicopter
it’s gyro stabilized
it flies for about 6 or 7 minutes and charges in about 20 minutes.

It’s very durable and easy to fly.

Pick one up for .99 and stay tuned for more reviews.

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