HiSKY HCP100S Dual Brushless Micro Helicopter – Review Video #1

My first video on HCP100S (HobbyKing Assault 100) from Banggood.com:
1. Quick Look
2. Turnigy 9X Transmitter Settings (ER9X, OpenTX) [Skip to 1:30]
3. Notes (Balance, Tilt on spool up) [Skip to 2:17]
4. Indoor Hovering [Skip to 3:51]
5. Outdoor Flight (Piro and Flips) [Skip to 5:05]
Product: http://www.banggood.com/Hisky-HCP100S-6CH-2_4Ghz-Brushless-Flybarless-RC-Helicopter-RTF-p-926255.html?p=541709059675201205AM
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Gaui X7 RC 3D Helicopter performance by Ramon Hausen 2016

Hausen Flight Day 2016 RC Model Show Switzerland
Gaui X7
RC 3D Helicopter performance by Ramon
enjoy and have fun from Switzerland RCHeliJet


YS-X6 autopilot Zero UAV test wind and mobile control by RC Innovations

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N200PC Jet Ranger with Auto Pilot Sacramento California
( Matt Armenta )


Scale RC Helicopter with Turbine Engine Sound

Mechanics : Align T-Rex 600E
Main Blades: 600 mm asymmetrical scale
blades by RC Aerodyne (x7)
Tail Blades: KDS 95mm
Rotor Head: RJX (2 blades)
Roban by RC Aerodyne (5blades)
Servos: Align DS620 x3(cyclic)DS650 (tail)
Hitec HS65HB( retractable landing light)
Gyro: BeastX
Motor: Hacker Electric Turbine Motor A4010L
E.S.C. : HobbyWing Platinum 100A
Batteries: Pulse 6s 22.2V 4500mA
Parrot AR 3s 11.1V 1000mA(sound)
Receiver: Optima9 with sensor station
Transmitter: Aurora9 with HTS voice(telemetry)
Fuselage: MD500E by RC Aerodyne
Lights: RC Lights microheli.de
Interior/Exterior: scale details by Vario
RC Aerodyne Iflytailies
Sound system: by Model Sounds INC
Speaker: Visaton 4inch 30W 4 Ohm by
Model Sounds INC
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700 Helicopter -well worn out servos!!

This is what DS615’s look like when they are well past there throw away date…. plenty of free play,new gears fitted but the slop is still there.


Air Hogs Switchblade Ground and Air Race RC Heli Toy Review, Car and Heli Combo

SwitchBlade RC Heli Toy Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the new Air Hogs Switchblade car/heli RC toy from Spin Master.

Air Hogs Switchblade Ground and Air Heli Sells for .99 –

Take the race from driving to flying with the Switchblade Ground and Air Race Heli from Air Hogs! It features gyro-stabilization for a stable, high-performance flight and clip-on spoilers to take the adventure to the road. Race your friends, conduct important missions, and master stunts on land and sky with the Air Hogs Switchblade Ground and Air Race Helo!

* RC helicopter transforms to drive on ground with clip-on spoilers for ground control.
* Crash-resistant frame survives even the toughest crash landings.
* Gyro-stabilization provides a smooth, easy-to-operate flight.
* Switchblade is for ages 8+ and requires 4 AA batteries (batteries not included).
* Includes: 1 Switchblade, 1 Controller / Charger, 2 Ground Control Spoilers, 1 Instruction Guide

Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com to read more
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How to increase range on WL Toys v911 rc helicopter

I got a WL Toys v959 rc helicopter and the transmitter it comes with works for several models. You can get just the transmitter too.
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Kyle Stacy Dayton OR 2015

Kyle Stacy with an awesome flight at the RC Heli Nation fun fly in Dayton, OR. Sept 19, 2015
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In this video I show you what is in the box and then I do the build of the head assembly.


Also, don’t forget to listen to RC Heli Nation www.rchelination.com!

(Thanks to my sponsors MD Helicopters, iKon Flybarless and Scorpion Power System)
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Banggood Biggest QS 8006 134cm 3.5ch Gyro 2 Speed Model rc helicopter LED lights 8006 RTF.mpg

Join in our newest video contest and win up to 0 in vouchers! For more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6FoxNPfhQE


WLToys V950 Flybarless 6G RC Electric 3D Helicopter Review

WLToys V950 Explorer Series RC Electric 3D Flybarless helicopter is a 450 Size standard helicopter. If you have developed good 3D RC helicopter Skills and want to move on to bigger helicopters from Micro 3D helicopters, WLToys V950 will make a neat choice. It is cheap, its Ready to fly right outside the box and ready to do basic and advanced mild 3D Aerobatics. Equipped with Brushless motor, this helicopter has plenty of head speed for you to try various 3D aerobatics. Motor driving geared Tail rotor does a good job for a solid tail hold if you are not doing some crazy punches. 6 Axis Gyro System makes it very stable helicopter and does not allow any aerobatics even in idle up mode for beginners to learn to fly and or for you to just enjoy scaled flights in sports type of mode. All In all I will give it a good rating, despite of El cheapo quality radio it comes with. Rest does what its advertised to do. Enjoy the indoor unboxing video.

Order the Helicopter here

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